Woodwork at Handcrafted Durham

Handcrafted – A Hope + A Future

Handcrafted is born out of a desire to see people who are disadvantaged due to crime, alcohol or substance abuse, unemployment, ill health or old age making a positive step and becoming active members of the community again.

  • We provide tailored training opportunities to enable every individual to achieve their goals.
  • We help disadvantaged people find their ideal job or start their own enterprises.
  • We provide housing across the Region and support our residents to make their living space a homeĀ  they can be proud of.
  • We bring people excluded from society into a creative community.

This is a Christian project operating out of values of love, restoration and community. We have a committed team of staff and volunteers working to provide a supportive, welcoming environment to encourage people to gain skills, training and experience through our enterprising projects and work placements. Our shoulder to shoulder approach builds a strong team where all members work together resulting in innovative solutions to problems encountered on an individual and group level.

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