The Student Becomes The Teacher

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Meet Leanne, our new personal trainer. She’s working with Michelle at Handcrafted Women on our new exercise programme: working to support other women towards health, addiction recovery and wholeness through exercise. Leanne is, without sounding like a trite Instagram post, a complete inspiration. In the three months since she’s left prison, she’s built a successful… Read more »

Fresh Beginnings

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Food poverty is a real challenge for many families in the North East. According to the North East Child Poverty Commission, child poverty affects 1 in 4 children in the region; the national average is 1 in 5. The North East also has the highest levels of obesity in the country (30% of adults), and the poverty gap has doubled in… Read more »

National Recognition

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We are thrilled by the national-level coverage of one of our renovations on the “inews” website last week. Mim’s article explains more of what we do as an organisation and how we see prison leavers begin to stand on their own feet and gradually turn their lives around. We are passionate to see those who… Read more »

Our Saw-Some Soapbox

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Most job descriptions don’t include “drive a wooden car made in three weeks down a massive ramp, over four jumps in front of 1200 people”.  However in my second month working with Handcrafted, this is one of the unexpected things I have done. Along with the other teams, we had two attempts to get down… Read more »

One Big Family

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Our Gateshead workshop has increasingly become an array of cultures and languages. Recently, the number of our refugees and asylum seekers has grown, and they have shared their stories and become included in our diverse community.