No space? No tools? No problem!

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I love looking at sites like Pinterest and the YouTube channels spearheading the “makers revolution”: seeing the incredible creativity of some humans – especially when they are transforming things that might otherwise be destined for landfill. But I hate feeling like a bystander, having neither the space or the tools, and possibly lacking the confidence… Read more »

Making the Grade!

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The smile says it all. Keith is one of the first crop of trainees graduating from our in-house training program this month. Keith’s lovingly finished cue case is the envy of his pals at the local snooker club.

The Power of Suggestion

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There isn’t a roadmap for what we are doing at Handcrafted. We have a clear sense of our mission to restore and empower people through training in the context of a creative and inclusive community. We know that there’s always room for improvement and innovation. In formal meetings and casual conversations, we are preoccpied with… Read more »

Enter … Aly – our new Project Development Officer

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Narrator’s Voice: We’ve been running a workshop in Gateshead since January 2017, practically working out our conviction that the Handcrafted way of doing things can have a powerful effect in other localities. Initially open for just 8 hours a week, and running bicycle repair courses alongside woodworking in a small workshop, we were helped by… Read more »

Backwoods Ingenuity: The Kentucky Stick Chair

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When I first heard the words ‘Kentucy Stick Chair’ it was hard to dismiss the image of a piece of furniture somehow constructed from pieces of deep-fried chicken. It turned out that what we were really talking about was no less extraordinary. The original Kentucky Stick Chairs would have been made from humble sticks and… Read more »

Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th of April has dawned; the most recent in a hat-trick of grey days when the weather has conspired to drag our moods down. Superstition dictates this is an unlucky day, that you might be safer to stay under the quilt, but we have a full compliment of trainees in the workshop, rearing… Read more »

Wisdom from the Workshop

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by Justin Lau ‘Why doesn’t the Queen—’ [raises left hand] ‘—wave with this hand? … Because it’s mine!’ Laughter erupts around the table over steaming shepherd’s pie as jokes and banter flit across the room one after another like an impeccably coordinated symphony. Except there’s no one conductor; everyone’s directing, everyone’s performing, everyone’s judging if… Read more »

A New Door

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Our new women’s support worker, Mim, writes about how her experience in prisons led to her to come and work for us. Three years ago, I started working in Durham’s prisons. Among the many new things I learnt were a couple of phrases that kept repeating themselves. The first is ‘the conveyor belt’ and the… Read more »

Making sure nobody gets left behind

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Staff and trustees spent a day at the start of this year talking about what makes Handcrafted tick. We asked how we could make sure we keep working on those fundamentals and find evidence that they are turning into actions, more than warm, fuzzy feelings (although those are nice, too). We all agreed that “Inclusion”… Read more »

Reaching Out

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Asking a hard question Every day, we hear stories, big and small, that give us confidence that Handcrafted Projects is making a real difference to real people. We want to meet the people we can help and give them the best possible opportunity to join us. Recently, we looked again at how many people actually… Read more »

Turning life the right way up again: Anthony’s Story

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Speaking to Anthony today, it’s hard to imagine he was at rock bottom just five months ago when he first showed up at our workshop. It had been a tough year. Anthony had started drinking after a relationship breakup, and he lost his job soon afterwards as things spiralled out of control. Estranged from his… Read more »