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  • Guest Post: Extreme Character Challenge 2018

    At Handcrafted, we talk about ‘changing stories’. As people become part of a community, they find it easier to exit destructive cycles associated with other places and people. As they, turn their time and skills into real things like chairs and tables they reclaim a sense of self worth. Overcoming challenges, they turn ‘can’t’ into… Read more »

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  • Wisdom from the Workshop

    by Justin Lau ‘Why doesn’t the Queen—’ [raises left hand] ‘—wave with this hand? … Because it’s mine!’ Laughter erupts around the table over steaming shepherd’s pie as jokes and banter flit across the room one after another like an impeccably coordinated symphony. Except there’s no one conductor; everyone’s directing, everyone’s performing, everyone’s judging if… Read more »

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