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  • Brought back to life: Graham’s Story

    Graham is a regular at Handcrafted; if you were to ever visit our workshop he’d definitely be one of the first guys to come and introduce himself and see if he could help you in anyway.  You’d be forgiven for feeling he was one of life’s naturally outgoing and confident people, but the journey he’s… Read more »

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  • The accidental woodworker: Lauren’s Story

    At Handcrafted we do our very best to offer a really warm welcome for all who come along, no matter how people came to find us.  Over the years we’ve been continually blessed by the wide variety of routes by which people have made their way to our workshop – word of mouth, referrals from… Read more »

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  • What a difference a day makes: Dean’s Story

    We’re continually inspired by the progress made and the creativity unlocked as trainees get involved with Handcrafted.  We asked Dean if we could share his story on our blog, and this is it, in his own words. “I had a longstanding alcohol problem that had been going on for a number of years.  It cost… Read more »

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  • Confidence built, mood lifted.

    Trevor is one of our trainees who has been coming along to Handcrafted since March 2016.  We asked him what difference Handcrafted has made in his life… “A friend tried to get me to go to Handcrafted for 18 months. People told me I was no good so I didn’t come. Then I thought I… Read more »

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  • Lights … Camera … and More Lights

    It was a proud moment for Handcrafted trainee, Ade, to see his handiwork on television several hours after it was completed and installed in the Old Church at Sacriston. Standing about a meter high, Ade’s illuminated letters formed the backdrop to celebrations at Dan and Kim’s wedding reception. The couple had opted to serve guests… Read more »

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