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  • Keith’s Story

    Keith started coming to Handcrafted over 4 years ago. At the time, he was homeless, and battling an addiction to alcohol. “I’ve been coming to Handcrafted for nearly 5 years now. I went on one of the machines and I had no confidence whatsoever. I couldn’t do nowt. I was so low and drink was… Read more »

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  • A Hoodie and a Hope and a Future

    They are carbon neutral, organic cotton, fairwear certified, hand printed with vegan ink in this workshop by people who are turning their lives around to set up their own jobs and enterprises. Find out about our hoodies in this video, including a message from Newcastle Hall of Fame Footballer, Shola Ameobi.   The hoodies will… Read more »

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  • The Student Becomes The Teacher

    Meet Leanne, our new personal trainer. She’s working with Michelle at Handcrafted Women on our new exercise programme: working to support other women towards health, addiction recovery and wholeness through exercise. Leanne is, without sounding like a trite Instagram post, a complete inspiration. In the three months since she’s left prison, she’s built a successful… Read more »

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  • Fresh Beginnings

    Food poverty is a real challenge for many families in the North East. According to the North East Child Poverty Commission, child poverty affects 1 in 4 children in the region; the national average is 1 in 5. The North East also has the highest levels of obesity in the country (30% of adults), and the poverty gap has doubled in… Read more »

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