The Student Becomes The Teacher

Meet Leanne, our new personal trainer. She’s working with Michelle at Handcrafted Women on our new exercise programme: working to support other women towards health, addiction recovery and wholeness through exercise. Leanne is, without sounding like a trite Instagram post, a complete inspiration. In the three months since she’s left prison, she’s built a successful business offering personal training, meal plans and nutritional advice as well as being asked to speak at events, and to write on health and fitness for a magazine and newspaper.

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Fresh Beginnings

Food poverty is a real challenge for many families in the North East. According to the North East Child Poverty Commission, child poverty affects 1 in 4 children in the region; the national average is 1 in 5. The North East also has the highest levels of obesity in the country (30% of adults), and the poverty gap has doubled in the last ten years.  

On the 5th August, we launched our training kitchen in Chester-le-Streetwhere people can learn cooking skills, including how to cook on a budget. We believe that this could really make a difference to how people can be empowered to combat food poverty in their own households.  
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