Dyed in the wool NUFC supporter caught red and white handed

We’re breaking down barriers at handcrafted!

Anyone who has been in the Northeast for more than a week or two knows there is no love lost between rival fans of the two biggest local teams. The rivalry gives rise to plenty of banter in the workshop.

Mark has been a Newcastle United supporter all his life, for better or (more recently) for worse. We’ve had to keep a constant supply of black and white paint on order, so that he can complete his projects with their characteristic monochrome livery. So it wasn’t for lack of paint that we found Mark choosing the colours of “the other team” for his latest creation.

Red and White

Our trainees enjoy the opportunity to make for themselves the things they need, but they also get the means to make gifts for others. When he decided to make a chess board for a friend from Sunderland, Mark found himself reaching for the red paint in an unprecedented gesture of generosity.

Sixty four red and white squares later, Mark had to take a tactical break. The last time I spoke to him, he was painting a badger…


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