St James and St Bede Church
Wordsworth Street

Session Times: Monday-Friday
Morning Session: 9:00 am – mid day
Afternoon Session: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Contact us
Email or call 07541 703156.

Our Gateshead hub is a versatile maker’s space where we aim to grow people’s confidence through having a go at new techniques and using tools and materials creatively to make beautiful and useful items.

Leather, metal, wood and recycled plastic are just a few of the materials we use to create everything from coffee cups to coffee tables. A willingness to discover what you can do with your hands is all that’s needed; we provide the rest.

We provide a take-away meal for everyone who attends a session, which can be taken home and re-heated.

Places are available in our morning and afternoon sessions, five days a week. It’s a positive and supportive place to make new friends and Our Gateshead staff Jonny and Sam are on hand to listen and support while taking attendees through the steps of making new projects.

Jonny: For me it’s all having a good time, taking the pressure off, learning some new skills and being creative. We never take ourselves too seriously and I think that’s what makes us so appealing.