Lights … Camera … and More Lights

It was a proud moment for Handcrafted trainee, Ade, to see his handiwork on television several hours after it was completed and installed in the Old Church at Sacriston.


Give me a ‘D’!

Standing about a meter high, Ade’s illuminated letters formed the backdrop to celebrations at Dan and Kim’s wedding reception. The couple had opted to serve guests with delicious ‘wasted’ food that would otherwise have been thrown out by local supermarkets. Not surprisingly, the story attracted the news hounds.

In the first few seconds of the TV footage, the camera took in a sweeping scene with Ade’s glowing marquee lettering making a stunning background.

Building this project was a team effort, with staff and several volunteers stepping up to help Ade. Specific projects with a definite goal in sight energise the workshop as everyone pulls together and puts pride in their work. However, this story also depicts the first step into exploring a new enterprise idea for one of our trainees.

As we see people grow an attitude of “can do” through making stuff in our workshop, many of our long-term out-of-work trainees begin to think of doing something they are good at as a possible career. Handcrafted Enterprise stream then ensures they have the right support to do a business plan, test their idea, find a market and access funds that are available to help them get started.

The verdict on the lettering? Spectacular!

Ade said, “The best thing was seeing the bride’s face light up when she saw the letters.”

Nice one, Ade. Six letters of the alphabet completed: only twenty more to go!

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