Handcrafted Chester-le-Street

Handcrafted Chester-le-Street

Our training kitchen is a lively hub, running cookery sessions with expert trainers every weekday. Any level of ability is welcome, even if you have never handled a frying pan or don’t know one end of a carrot from the other! Whether you want to learn how to cook well on a budget, or have ambitions of being hired in the hospitality sector, our kitchen is a great place to start.

We also run a women’s craft and cooking group on Wednesdays. Whether you want to do crafts, enjoy a coffee or just have a chat, all women are welcome.

Paul, Catherine and Gill are our staff members in Chester-le-Street.

At Chester-Le-Street I love the people the different diverse characters who come together daily in the kitchen and become equal and valued and realise their true potentials and what they can achieve both individually and also together.

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