Handcrafted Durham

Our Durham workshop is a large and welcoming space, where people of all abilities can come and learn to do woodwork. Even if you have never used a tool before, you are welcome, and our staff will be on hand to help you grow in confidence and skills. It’s completely up to you what you make, and creativity is always encouraged! It could be anything: from large projects such as outdoor furniture, to smaller items such as tealight holders. There is always a buzz in the workshop, and lunch is provided every day.

Handcrafted Durham workshop

We have a women’s group which runs on Thursday mornings, 9–12.30. This is a safe space where you can come and learn woodwork, or have a go at smaller crafts, like working with clay or resin. This is a great space to get to know other women and socialise, as well as be creative. Lunch is also provided and is a great time to catch up and chat after a morning of working on projects!

We have recently launched a screen-printing enterprise in our Durham hub. If you are interested in making an order of custom screen-printed garments, please get in touch.

Our Durham staff are Lorraine, Rob, Graham, Caleb and Henry.

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