Handcrafted Staff

Managing Director

Dan Northover

Operations Manager

John Hinton

Deputy Director of Operations

Harry Jennings


Hub Staff




Project Development Officer

Lorraine Jones
Paul Baddams
Neil Toomey

Training Supervisor(s)

Rob MacLellan
Veronica Salawone
Jonny Thorpe

Support Workers(s)

Henry Silva
Graham Harrison
Gill Baddams
Catherine Braddock
Thomas Bryant


Jenny Booth
Catherine Braddock
Bobbie Ryder

Renovations Team

Project Manager

Tim Smith

Core Team

Senior Support Worker

Seymour Jacklin

Women’s Work Coordinator

Ruth Crichton

Training Development Manager

Siri Hodges

Corporate Team

Finance Assistant

James Cant

Business Development Officers

Aidan Hughes
Tim Crichton
Jack Perrin

Social Impact and Support Systems Officer

Charlie Evans

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