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  • Getting more than he came for: Ian’s Story

    Ian started coming along to our workshop in Langley Moor about six months ago. He really needed somewhere to live, and he thought he could put up with a bit of woodworking if that was going to be part of it. “I was staying at a friend’s house, but I couldn’t stay there indefinitely. I… Read more »

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  • It’s not all about woodwork: Paul’s Story

    We start each day in our workshop by gathering everyone together for what has come to be known as ‘the huddle’.  It’s the time when we chat through the day ahead, discuss plans, ask for or offer to help and of course share any news.  We’ve recently shared a couple of stories on our blog… Read more »

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  • The accidental woodworker: Lauren’s Story

    At Handcrafted we do our very best to offer a really warm welcome for all who come along, no matter how people came to find us.  Over the years we’ve been continually blessed by the wide variety of routes by which people have made their way to our workshop – word of mouth, referrals from… Read more »

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  • Confidence built, mood lifted.

    Trevor is one of our trainees who has been coming along to Handcrafted since March 2016.  We asked him what difference Handcrafted has made in his life… “A friend tried to get me to go to Handcrafted for 18 months. People told me I was no good so I didn’t come. Then I thought I… Read more »

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