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  • Our Saw-Some Soapbox

    Most job descriptions don’t include “drive a wooden car made in three weeks down a massive ramp, over four jumps in front of 1200 people”.  However in my second month working with Handcrafted, this is one of the unexpected things I have done. Along with the other teams, we had two attempts to get down… Read more »

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  • Backwoods Ingenuity: The Kentucky Stick Chair

    When I first heard the words ‘Kentucy Stick Chair’ it was hard to dismiss the image of a piece of furniture somehow constructed from pieces of deep-fried chicken. It turned out that what we were really talking about was no less extraordinary. The original Kentucky Stick Chairs would have been made from humble sticks and… Read more »

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  • The Pen is Mightier than the Saw

    Reclaiming discarded scraps of wood and turning them into something attractive and useful portrays only too well what we are all about at Handcrafted. Even a bit of timber is worthy of another chance. The Handcrafted Pen has been a “bestseller” since we produced the first batch over a year ago. We can’t make them… Read more »

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