The Pen is Mightier than the Saw

Reclaiming discarded scraps of wood and turning them into something attractive and useful portrays only too well what we are all about at Handcrafted. Even a bit of timber is worthy of another chance. The Handcrafted Pen has been a “bestseller” since we produced the first batch over a year ago. We can’t make them quickly enough.

To date, over 60 of these little beauties have been turned out, and we are working on another batch for our Christmas Fayre on Friday 2nd December.

Head of pen production is Tommy. He’s made scores of them and got it down to a fine art.

The process begins with any old scrap of hardwood: chair legs, pallet slats and antique coving have all provided good raw material. Tommy prepares the blanks by cutting them into short lengths and drilling a hole through from end to end. Then he turns the barrels on a lathe, using a specially designed chuck. The blanks are finished on the lathe with a good polish that brings the glow up in the wood grain. Finally the barrels are fitted with a metal sleeve, cartridge, nib and rings. If everything has been done right, it just clicks snugly into place.

Tom is always willing to guide trainees or visitors through the process of making a pen to take home.

While these pens represent a level of care and craftsmanship that we are proud of, they also have a very low impact on the environment. They are turned from recycled material that would otherwise end up being burned, and they slip into an envelope to post anywhere with minimal packaging. We think their unique appeal will spread a lot of cheer in the coming season.

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