St James and St Bede Church
Wordsworth Street

Opening Times:
Monday-Friday, between 9:30-14:00.





Trainees at the Gateshead workshop have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the tools and machinery we have at our workshop. A few basic skills is all you need to create useful and beautiful woodwork items.




From the moment you arrive, you can make a simple project on your first day which gives you skills to build whatever you’d like. Trainers are on hand to help make your woodworking dreams reality. There’s a great social mix in the workshop, and lunch is provided free every day.




Our staff in Gateshead are Jonny and Peter. Read their bios here.

For me it’s all having a good time, taking the pressure off, learning some new skills and being creative. We never take ourselves too seriously and I think that’s what makes us so appealing.